The Millionaire Maverick by Susan James

What if one man could make everybody millionaires?
What if the powerful individuals who control the world’s
money supply will do anything to stop him?

What would happen if the entire world used a Magic Wall
to create their wealth?

What would then happen to the banking systems that
seemed to be in control of the world and its resources?

What would happen to the men and the institutions that
seemed to hold the world's purse strings? And what then
would happen to anyone messing with those hands that held
those same purse strings?

Hank Ramsan, The Millionaire Maverick was about to find

Hank Ramsan made everyone Millionaires who learned to
use his Magic Wall.

This enraged the powers that controlled the world's banks
because hidden secrets were revealed and lifestyles
threatened, as the world's money systems crumbled.

Only one person could save Hank from the peril he had
created; only she didn't love him anymore. (sj)

  • Classification: Universal
  • Work is: Extract only on Authonomy
  • First submitted Sept. 3, 2008
  • Last updated Sept. 3, 2008
The Millionaire Maverick
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  • Dean Lombardo's avatar
    Dean Lombardo wrote 3 years, 3 months ago
    Hi Susan, I read the first two chapters, and you write very well and your story is bursting with promise and even some supernatural potential. I think you are going to do well with this. Highly starred. A few suggestions: "memories of the girl, his love," sounds a bit melodramatic. Why not just "memories of the girl he'd loved" or "memories of the girl he loved" ? Last two paragraphs, Chapter 1: It is my personal view that such omniscience ...
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  • Nick Poole2's avatar
    Nick Poole2 wrote 5 years, 6 months ago
    ARISE, AUTHONOMY GHOST! Ease those weary, withered limbs from your coffin. Push away the stone from the mouth of the tomb. You have one last task to perform. One last, sacred shelf to confer. Whether you were plugger, spammer, gusher or troll, whether you flirted or fought in the forum or beavered away in the shadows, now is the time for your resurrection. One last time. Marshall your strength, muster the last vestiges of your power and carry out your ...
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