Master of Gaul by John Timbers

The second in a five volume historical fiction series based on Caesar's Gallic Wars, It follows on from Caesar's Tribune.

Master of Gaul is the second in a series of five novels that bring alive a new and very different interpretation of Julius Caesar’s Commentaries on his Gallic Wars. The story is told through the eyes of Marcus Rutilius Robura, originally a Military Tribune in the Tenth Legion, commanding a cavalry troop made up from the sons of Rome’s nobility. These are the ‘Rutilius journals’, written by Marcus’s 21st century alter ego, Mike Oakwood, (read Caesar’s Tribune for the full story of this strange transition) in order to keep in touch with his real persona. This section of his journals covers the period 57-56 BC, when Caesar became virtually the Master of Gaul.
Follow Marcus/Mike’s progress in Caesar’s footsteps as he fights his way across Gaul. Live through his emotional struggles to satisfy the curiosity of his (Marcus’s) twin sister; see how his relationship with the beautiful Sylvia – the young Greek girl who understands his link to the future – develops; watch as his close relationship with Quintus, now his brother-in-law, reaches a crisis point; look out for that glimpse of what lies in Caesar’s future across the seas of northern Gaul.

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Master of Gaul
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  • gundog's avatar
    gundog Author wrote 2 years, 11 months ago

    [QUOTE] My personal favorite of all the series [ENDQUOTE]
    Please accept this reply for all five books – not too many people read the samples of all five before commenting. Thank you. Sadly, the free pass to the top of the slush pile doesn't seem to work. The main thing is that I enjoyed doing what I did. If readers gained another take on what Caesar was really trying to do, then my aim has been achieved.

  • lightningconductor's avatar
    lightningconductor wrote 3 years, 8 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading the few chapters I had time to look at & will try to finish the rest in the week.

    I've been working on something from the same era & was wondering if you'd be interested in reading a one page synopsis & letting me know what you think?


  • gundog's avatar
    gundog Author wrote 3 years, 8 months ago
    Thank you so much for your comment and backing (in due course). Although I have finished and self-published my five book series (and have now abridged them into one single volume "Caesar's Tribune – The Whole Story", I have transferred my 'affections' from orthodox publishing to the magic of Amazon's Kindle, where all six books can be found if you're into that technology. [QUOTE] Impressive. Definitely worthy of a second look. There has been a lot of Roman based fiction ...
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  • Jack Hughes's avatar
    Jack Hughes wrote 3 years, 8 months ago

    Impressive. Definitely worthy of a second look. There has been a lot of Roman based fiction around lately with Scarrow and Sidebottom, but this is as good as any of theirs. You've certainly done your homework here and it gives the prose a great sense of depth. Good pace, good descriptions. A thoroughly impressive work, John, best of luck (I'll back it when I get a space free).

    Jack Hughes

  • gundog's avatar
    gundog Author wrote 4 years, 2 months ago
    Thanks for your comment, strachan. I certainly wouldn't think of comparing myself with Graves and co, although, that said, I would dearly like to reach their level of skill (and celebrity). The battle with which I opened the book is not one that is documented anywhere. Caesar simply tells us that Galba and his legion failed in their mission to clear the route south through the Alps, so authentication there is none. The object of the exercise was to get ...
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  • Retired user
    strachan gordon wrote 4 years, 2 months ago
    hello john,I've read the first two chapters of your book and am reacting as a fellow historical author,Ive written a book on Buccaneers in the 17th century.I think you are very brave to place this novel in Roman times,the bar is so high with Robert Graves,Rosemary Sutcliff and Allan Massie.Personally speaking I found that the second chapter works better than the first,the scenes with his family were charming and convincing,unfortunately the long action sequence didn't quite convince in the same ...
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