Satvinder's Story by Colin Hodgson

“Do you know where hell is?” He shook his head. “It is right here. Where there is life, there is hell. Please forgive me, Nephew.”

Satvinder’s Story is based on his recollections, as documented by our family historian Catherine Qeervi, after his death in 2009. It covers a seven month journey through hell, from the devastating Bhola Cyclone, through the beginnings of the 1971 Bangladeshi War of Independence, and only ends when he arrives in India with his cargo of human souls.
A harrowing, violent, but beautiful story which vividly contrasts the extremes of human trait, it looks at the cost of civil war from the layman’s end. You know, the ones at the bayonet end! The real costs!
And true to human form, many have even laid at least some of the blame for the 1971 atrocities on the Bhola Cyclone, child of the tropical storm Nora. Until they figure out who is really to blame, I guess they’ll carry on blaming her.

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Satvinder's Story
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  • Retired user
    James Dalton [Retired] wrote 3 years, 6 months ago

    Colin - I've just read the first two chapters of Satvinder's Story; it's brilliant, why is it not roaring up the rankings. Re-upload it a few times so that readers can see it's there. James Dalton.

  • ScottTrimas's avatar
    ScottTrimas wrote 3 years, 6 months ago

    Glad to be the first comment! Very well written book, great pace and a good concept for a book!
    Scott Trimas
    The Chimera Factor