How the Dragon found his Fire by Clifton Hughes

David’s invisible pet dragon may sometimes cause mayhem, but learning to breathe fire turns out to be a handy trick.

Only people who believe in dragons can see them, so David has the fun – and the problems – of raising his dragon pet, Tag, when he is invisible to Mum and to most other adults.

How does the vet cope when Tag is ill?
What happens when Tag comes to school?
Can he save David’s sister Jenny from drowning?

How the Dragon found his Fire is the second book in a series that currently includes three books of short stories and two short novels: all bedtime tales for 6-9 year olds, or younger if read aloud.

  • Classification: Universal
  • Work is: Fully available on Authonomy
  • First submitted Feb. 5, 2012
  • Last updated Feb. 5, 2012
How the Dragon found his Fire
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