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  • The Game
    Richard Bundock wrote
    Hi, Sorry I haven't replied any sooner but I've been away. Great comments thanks. Very constructive. ...
  • Beautiful Monsters
    Joe Isaacs wrote
    No-one had been surprised when Beryl Levy had run away with the vet. No-one, that is, ...
  • Finding Truths part 1 "The Council's Mission"
    Joe Isaacs wrote
    Several steel cages hang from thick iron rods sticking out of the walls. (strong writing style. ...
  • Treason's Game
    Kathy K G wrote
    Chapter Five Snow still falls, bringing traffic to a halt. I know the feeling well. He ...
  • The Bite of Vengeance: Fallen Angel
    Connor Wolf wrote
    I'm working through fixing any errors I had missed and will re upload the finished document ...

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