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  • Reminiscence
    AmyMarie02 wrote
    Haha Eira, you're great! I'm so glad you're actually enjoying the story. I have a confession, ...
  • Paddock's Tail
    Orson Paddock wrote
    Thanks for taking a look. It is certainly an acquired taste. I shall have a look ...
  • Singing on the Roof
    Loumar wrote
    YALF review of Singing On The Roof, by Macy Filia I read to the end of ...
  • Bones and Bagger
    Colin Rowe wrote
    FCCG4 Review: COVER: Cluttered, and looks like it was hastily put together in Photoshop by an ...
  • The Black Gun
    Colin Rowe wrote
    I found you through the FFCG4 group. I'm not sure if you're still interested in that ...

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  • Solutions Inc.
    Solutions Inc. by DB Stephens
    • Fiction
    • Crime, Thriller and Mystery
  • Easy Way Out
    Easy Way Out by Jed Madigan
    • Historical Fiction
    • Crime, Thriller and Mystery
  • Evenrood
    Evenrood by Richard Bradburn
    • Children's and Young Adult
    • Crime, Thriller and Mystery
  • Treason's Game
    Treason's Game by Sheena Macleod
    • Historical Fiction
    • Crime, Thriller and Mystery
  • The Words of Adriel
    The Words of Adriel by Joshua Jacobs
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy
    • Crime, Thriller and Mystery