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    MALEFICIVM by Jonathan Rowe
    • Historical Fiction
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • 2 The Black Gun
    The Black Gun by Chris Robinson
    • Fiction
    • Historical Fiction
  • 3 ESCAPE
    ESCAPE by Valentine But
    • Fiction
    • Romance and Erotica
  • 4 Unsung Heroes
    Unsung Heroes by Bradley Darewood
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy
    • Crime, Thriller and Mystery
  • 5 Amy
    Amy by anonymous
    • Romance and Erotica
    • Non-fiction

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Recent comments

  • The Pitchfork Girl
    Sue Harris wrote
    THE PITCHFORK GIRL REVIEW First of all I would point out that I am no expert, ...
  • Strandline
    Joe Isaacs wrote
    Chapter 12 Beaivi’s father, Beakkhu, smiled and clasped his shoulder. “You are doing better than I ...
  • You Don't Know Me
    Olivia Boothe wrote
    This is a review of the first 20 chapters. I think you have weaved a very ...
    robert9557 wrote
    thank you for comments help appreciated
  • Mayfield Maleficarum
    Lucinda Elliot wrote
    An intriguing, well written story with an excellent hook at the end of the chapter.

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