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Many thanks to all of you that have backed my book, and left your kind comments.
Please forgive me if I take a little time in reading and backing your book, but I will get there.

Bitter Honey is the prequel to my other book on this site, "Love in No-Man's Land' which tells the story of fobidden love, set in a world of racial prejudice and conflict.

Bitter Honey tells the story of three generations of family, each tied together with secrets and lies from the past that carry them through every emotion and conflict that a human being can experience.

I hope you will take the time to read this book- it will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

Warm regards to you all, and wishing you the very best in getting published.

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Bitter Honey
Bitter Honey

by M.Mehmet

A book full of raw emotion that will touch your heart forever. Secrets, lies, pain and hope, spanning 3 generations.

Where She Lies
Where She Lies

by Nick Goulding

Dark secrets haunt the old novelist as she strives to complete her final work before it is too late. Can she really re-write childhood?

The Project
The Project

by Laura M. Bell

I have always known I would pay for the Sin of Curiosity. But I thought my punishment would look cruel and frightening. Not like him.

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