I'm 35, married with children and I write contemporary women's fiction.
I also write a blog called 'The Country Housewife', which makes me very happy.

Favourite books

  • 'Riders' by Jilly Cooper
  • 'Watership Down' by Richard Adams
  • 'Bird Song' by Sebastian Faulkes
  • 'The Adventures of Goodnight and Loving' by Leslie Thomas
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My bookshelf Books I'm backing

High White Sound
High White Sound

by Hannah Herchenbach

A girl runs away from post-9/11 New York to live with a tribe of kids on an island at the end of the world

Savannah Oak
Savannah Oak

by Alan Chaput

When Savannah socialite Hayley Falcon intervenes to rescue her daughter from her abusive boyfriend, everything Hayley holds dear is threatened.


by Kris Mikelson

Carvorr Industries had the key to his grandaughter's survival, so Jed stole it. Now, before the world finds out, the Company must kill them both.

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