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The Genealogists: On Holy Ground has been published and can be purchased at the following websites:


Amazon USA

Amazon England

And Amazon's European Websites

The book is "Dedicated to The Legend of the Wandering Jew"

The following paragraphs are from Chapter 26

The molten creature flapped its extensive wings, creating a powerful wind gust that sent Shade flying through the air and slammed him against the pulpit behind him, shortening his backward flight. Forcing himself back up fast, Shade jumped with a painful grunt and ran back between the thing and the man.

The demon—if that’s what it was—glared at him through glowing red pupils set amid dirty mustard-yellow whites. Bending his hot steaming head backward, he swung it back down while thrusting it forward and released a long hot blast of blazing fire at Shade.

"Special Thanks" to those who have backed the book.

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A Lark Ascending

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