Brittani Alisa

Writer of fantasy, Dystopia, and paranormal fiction for YA and adult.
I'm a busy-business major, a mother of two boys, and I have an awesome husband.
I like to travel, read, write, play the piano, the violin and to sing christmas music year round.

Thanks to anyone who even looks at my books and a big hug to anyone who shelves . . .xoxoxxo Thanks-

Favourite books

  • Sundays at Tiffany's ( Robert Petterson)
  • Vampire Academy, and the Succubus series by (Richelle Mead)
  • Forest of Hands and Teeth, at her companion-The Dead Tossed Waves
  • Malice( Lisa Jackson)
  • Shiver
  • Gone with the wind
  • Little women
  • Mortal Instruments
  • Eclipse
  • House of Night Series
  • The Note Book
  • A Bend in the Road ( also a Sparks Novel)
  • Percy Jackson series
  • Strange Angels
  • Brother DaggerHood series
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My bookshelf Books I'm backing

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Wrong Place, Wrong Time

by Mat Jackson

A dark tale of two very separate lives both driven by uncontrollable desires toward their own explosive fates.

Smoke and Ash
Smoke and Ash

by AJ Drakos

A waiter. A fortune-teller. A gardener. An eccentric painter. A prostitute. All bound together by the lack of proper insulation.

The Dignified Weight of Grief
The Dignified Weight of Grief

by Mel Plehov

An existential crisis. A powderkeg of unacceptable behaviour waiting to explode. Conflicts with capitalism, sexuality and grief lurk in the subtext of an ever-darkening storyline.

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