I've always wanted to write a book. So, now that I've differentiated myself, here's the facts...

I was a blue chip golden boy, with a strong financial and legal background. I spent my time negotiating and drafting multi-million pound contracts and then arguing over what they actually meant. For a while I loved the cuff-links at dawn environment...

That was then. I managed to give up the corporate habit while I was still me. I do still have my armory of suits and ties, but haven't worn any in at least two years. I started writing because I liked it. I still do.

I like to think that I have an easy-to-read and fun writing style. I don't pretend or aspire to be a literary genius. I don't have a message to give. Dylan and Summer may do...

My interests are my wife and three children, my friends and not wearing suits. Did I mention that I like writing?

RE SPAM: Don't press send! If you like my book back it, if not then don't. If you do, as a courtesy, I shall take a look at yours, but do not guarantee a backing, comment or time-frame for either.

If I have backed your book it is because I liked what I have read. I do not expect you to back or comment on mine because you feel duty bound. If you like it, back it. If you don't, then no worries.

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The Darkwood Tales: Demouri's Defeat
The Darkwood Tales: Demouri's Defeat

by Carrie Lopez

Not many have traversed into the Darkwood and found their way out....will you?

Help Wanted
Help Wanted

by Trina Tragedy

Hope was all they sought. Helpless was all they felt. Each other was all they had. But they weren't gonna make it at this rate...

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