As a student planning for two careers, one as a nurse and a second as an author, Timothy has devoted his time to both ends. For nursing, he has completed a Baccalaureate in Biology, worked as a medical aide in rural Zambia, Africa for three months, and volunteered at the local Minor Injuries clinic.

However, his literary efforts outweigh his medical ones. He has enjoyed literature from a very early age, and soaked up books at a rate that horrified his brothers and sisters. He began writing poetry and stories at fourteen, and started his first novel (Ember, since completed and available here) at sixteen.

His complete portfolio can be sampled below, including the complete manuscript of Ember, excerpts of his novel Legacy and it's sequel The Gilded Cicatrix, and five of his short stories. As well as continually editing those, he has also at various stages in four other novels, a novella and more short stories, and is in the process of producing an Audio Drama of his novella.

Note: Please make use of the shameless plugs forum. At this point authors willing to recommend other books or to undergo a mutual read through is all Timothy can manage.

Favourite books

  • I am constantly remembering books I love passionately, but recently come to mind, I love the work of:
  • Robert Heinlein,
  • Isaac Asimov,
  • Orson Scott Card,
  • J.R.R. Tolkein,
  • C.S. Lewis,
  • G.K. Chesterton,
  • G.A. Henty,
  • Robert Ballentyne,
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Hero Complex
Hero Complex

by Dahlia Bone

In a city full of heroes, Leo thinks his power is actually a weakness, but the city needs him to be saved.

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