I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember, but have always said 'I don't have time.'

A couple of years ago I finally decided to stop prevaricating, and started working on Life Beyond. I travel a lot for work, and write mainly while I'm stuck on broken down trains, waiting at airports for flights that never arrive, or stuck in strange hotel rooms in cities I have no desire to visit.

I have now finished The Winning Hand, the first book in the Life Beyond trilogy, and am working on Roulette, the next book in the series.

I had hoped writing would become a hobby, but I wasn't prepared for how compulsively addictive it is. The more I write the more determined I become to pursue writing as a career. As such I would love to hear from anyone directly, whether for mutual feedback and support, networking or representation. Please feel free to get in touch at jowaldron13@gmail.com.

Favourite books

  • I adore chick-lit (the trashier the better), love fantasy – particularly if there is a hot vampire somewhere in the mix, Matina Cole is another favourite and anything about ancient Rome or Greek mythology is guaranteed to arouse my interest.
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Degree of Exposure
Degree of Exposure

by Eric Newman

Professionally reviewed as 'Witty novel ,superbly written, reminiscent of Tom Sharpe.' Brings new hope for the dead. Even they could enjoy it. Very sexy too.

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