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"Emerluvly" began as something completely different than it is today (Cryogenics of all things!). But what remained of the original idea was the curiosity of how, and what "makes" relationships in today's society. What do they look like? Do they run deep, or are they shallow? How is it that we can have such strong reactionary emotions toward people who we have never even met?

Then, I came across a book called "Plugged In" which is a collection of essays examining the role of technology in redefining rhetoric, writing, culture, and politics. It attempts to explain what the hell is going on today in how we speak, read, and interact.

"Emerluvly" is a simple story, really. But it is written in an atmosphere immersed in the Internet culture of today. A culture where we can become extremely cyber-intimate with someone online, yet utterly shut ourselves down when surrounded by the real flesh and blood world. A culture that has along its very curved technological surface, those who use it, and those who don't. "Emerluvly" is a story about what happens when people are forced through unavoidable life circumstance to confront the dormant aspect of who they really are.



Favourite books

  • There are many more, but for starters these have had a great impact on me:
  • To the Lighthouse, Amsterdam, White Teeth, White Noise, The Road, The Satanic Verses, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, Ulysses, Gravity's Rainbow, As I Lay Dying, Moby Dick, Wuthering Heights, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Swimmer, The Metamorphosis, The Lottery
  • ~"Emerluvly" Cover Designed by Chris Hopton~
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