i was born in North Georgia, but married a military man, and moved away at an early age. we have three sons. The first borns were identical twins, nine years later we were blessed with a third son. We are retired living in the surburbs of New Orleans. We have had a wonderful life together. We spent twenty years Square Dancing with various clubs in the area, but my husband's health failed , and he is now bed bound, so we had to stop the activity that we both loved and enjoyed so much. A lot of my time is spent taking care of my Husband. In my spare time I love to read , and have taken up writing . I have written several poems and short stories, and now I have started on a novel. Nothing published yet. I also enjoy gardening. and last but not least I love spending time with my thirteen year old granddaughter.

Favourite books

  • Gone with the wind, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and sensibility, Little Women,Wuthering Heights, Summer's Path, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities,The Beautiful and the Damned , I love mysteries and historical romances. I just love to read a variety of books.
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