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I'm twenty-two and have been writing on and off for ten years (although mostly 'off'.) I'm studying Social Sciences through the Open University and have a mild addiction to Polo Mints.

It's on Private. It's staying there.

My favourite Authonomy writers/books include: Siv Nilsen's 'Saga' and Jenni James' 'The Northanger Affect' - so anybody wanting their name up in lights like theirs, you now know what you have to do.

Favourite books

  • I love the work of Kurt Vonnegut, for its sheer ingenuity.
  • I love Hunter S. Thompson for his language.
  • I love the poems of Allen Ginsberg and I don't need a reason.
  • I love Salinger's voice, and Fitzgerald's eye and Steinbeck's rasping detail.
  • I love Chabon's sense of humour and Bukowski's horrid realism.
  • Mix and Match those factors and you have the recipe for my perfect book.
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