I've been quite busy submitting querys to agents. My, my, I know I wrote and revised the thing at least one hundred times. But it is what it is and the same goes for the synopsis. A Scorched Family is out there and I''ll accept whatever happens. I had more fun writing the book. In fact, I'm ready to start another one.

So, I just deleted my book off here. I may be back some day. The comments helped me see things I missed. I also enjoyed some good reading, always wanting to finish each one but didn't have time.

Favourite books

  • Books by Jan Koran
  • Karen Kingsbury
  • Gilbert Morris
  • Lis Wiele
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The Keeper of the Sightless Eye
The Keeper of the Sightless Eye

by David Southam

Deceived by a witch, a warband called the Iron Wolves find themselves outlawed, hunting for answers while their world turns against them.

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