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Tony Duggan was born in Liverpool, England in 1970. He has lived in Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, and London, and has worked as a record store manager, as a bookseller, and in theatre management. He holds a BA from Goldsmiths College, London, and an MA from the University of Leeds.

Having recently relocated to Australia, he now works for the University of Adelaide. 'They Watched the Stars' is his second full-length novel manuscript.

Favourite books

  • Tony's favourite books include the novels of Will Self, Ayn Rand, Chuck Palahniuk, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Oscar Wilde. He also admires the work of Nick Cave, Darren Aronofsky, Gilles Deleuze, and Charlie Kaufman.
  • He takes his sartorial direction from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.
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Beneath Such A Green Tree
Beneath Such A Green Tree

by G. J. Gee

Samuell Gorton follows the Great Migration and it's promise of freedom, only to find that promise rescinded.

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