Checking in now and again for messages. I shall back work that fits my criteria for 'worthy of publication' (and I have success stories so I have a nose for this kind of thing).

'Gibbous Moon' now a Podcast ( and being listened to in 67 countries at the last count , read by the Author and featuring the music of 'Toad Fallout'.

"No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money."
Samuel Johnson

"Most manuscripts on this site are both good and original; but the parts that are good are not original, and the parts that are original are not good. I look for the exceptions to that rule"

Now branching out into Film production.
and website design and build

Favourite books

  • Eric Fenby - Song of Summer
  • Oscar Wilde - On entering America - " I have nothing to declare but my genius".
  • Anything by:- George Orwell
  • Catcher in the Rye - J D Salinger - (but not Franny and Zooey)
  • Das Boot - Lothar-Gunther Buchheim
  • The Long Tail - Chris Anderson
  • Kenneth Williams Diaries

My bookshelf Books I'm backing

Sex, Laughs and Coffee
Sex, Laughs and Coffee

by E. M. Callan

Mommy erotica, wrote by a woman for women. A woman's inner turmoil with having an affair. A sexy read, 54,500 words

Doghouse Blues
Doghouse Blues

by Clive Radford

So you think you have unexpected issues to resolve? Read about Roger Fraser and you’ll soon find your problems pale in comparison!

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