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I live in Auckland and have been writing my trilogy of books since middle of 2007 and finished this book in Feb 2009. i can't seem to find a publisher in NZ that will back my book.
oh and i LOVE heavy metal music and rock.
I am NOT the best 'writer' at all, in fact grammar wise, i'm not the best. But i am a great story teller, i do it at parties and now i'm telling a great story in book form. If you wish to educate me in how to write correct English, go ahead, but it won't change anything. The People that read it (that don't care about that stuff) can still visualize what i am trying to get across. I appreciate any and all comments and backings i get and hope that someone will believe in my story one day.

I am writing five novels and have (in december 2011) sold my tv, ps3, most of my dvds, to pursue doing my books in all my spare time. Now being nearly april, i am now on the last book out of five. My 1st book has been edited properly since what i have uploaded, but due to the changes ive made (revealed later) i have had to edit things in my first book (which is now Episode III).

This is a Link to My Facebook Page dubbed : The Tales of the Arter Gems Series

you support my facebook page (or obviously this page) my many thanks are in order, from this humble westie.

Also, this digibook is available via 'Smashwords' right now at $1.99 USD. Please, follow the link below!!

Favourite books

  • Lord of the Rings
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The Ark of Humanity
The Ark of Humanity

by Scott Justin Toney

God flooded the earth to annihilate humanity's sins. What if that sinful race didn't die when floodwaters covered them but instead adapted to breathe water?


by Claire Lyman

Fall in love, and it might change everything. Your plans, your future, you. Maybe even your politics.

The Angel Chord
The Angel Chord

by Derek Tobin

Supernatural thriller: three strangers stumble into an End of Days demonic plot and discover that atheistic, hooker-using and guitar-playing angels are the world's only hope.

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