Middle aged feisty sort of woman...or so I am told. I have one teenage son who is wonderful. I have a job I love and am pretty happy most of the time. I am also bipolar (don't hold that against me!). Sometimes this gets me in trouble. I have a great medical team though for which I am endlessly greatful. I also have some wonderful friends who put up with and suppport me when I am a bit cack.

I am very fond of animals, particularly elephants and great apes. I am also very much a people person which is reflected in the type of work I do. I am a parenting support worker to young parents with complex needs.

I am quite a slow reader so will pick only a couple of books at a time to read and comment on. I would like to give each book the attention it deserves so please stick with me and I will get round to reading. Thans to all those who have taken the time and trouble to read my book.

Favourite books

  • Anything by Sebastian Faulkes
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