At this time, Book 1 of Shadowsword, Children of the Dragon, is being rewritten. It is being given a complete overhaul. The current version is being left on ths site as a placeholder only. As such, please DO NOT READ. If you wish to read the new version, in raw form, it is being posted chapter by chapter, only on another site, Webook.com. If you already started reading the version that is here, feel free to visit my website at ravenclark.net for info on the change. The link to Children of the Dragon on Webook can also be found on my site, in the Links section.

I eat, sleep and breathe novels. My writing, and the books I read, are my life. I have a thing for gorgeous, domineering male characters, especially alien ones. It's even better if the darkness is a mask for the hidden-hero sweetheart, but true villainy works, too.

***NOTE*** To all Authonomites who have been kind enough to read, comment on and back Children of the Dragon, thank you. Your support has been fantastic, your feedback and advice invaluable.

Because there are fans on Authonomy who read my novel, I will not be removing Children of the Dragon from Authonomy, but I will no longer be accepting read-swaps, and will only be returning reads for specific books. Between working on the other site I use, and rewriting my novel, I am finding it impossble to keep up, and have decided to read only on Webook.com. Please know that no one has done anything to offend me, and it is not personal.

If you are reading or have read my novel, and you would like to join the fan page for SHADOWSWORD, the address is below.

Novels I am continuing to read on Authonomy:

Into the Master's Lair: Laurie A Will
Heros of Destiny: Kevin Wong
Blood Moon: Deborah Brown
The Adventures of Tarquin Seebohm Jenkins: Peter Ford
Nathan: Karen Blakeney

Oh and A.Viets, I will read yours as promised once it is public.

Favourite books

  • Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, Let me Call You Sweetheart, Harry Potter, The Pleasure Slave, Of Mice and Men...and the list goes on. My absolute favorites are the high fantasy and long epics. The more complex the plot, and the longer the story, the better.
  • Email Raven Clark at pleblanc4567@gmail.com, or visit her website at ravenclark.net.
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by A.B. Knight

Everyone knows the rule: stay inside the Wall, but to sixteen-year-old Tisha Tremayne, the city of Relic isn't a sanctuary. It's a prison.

Heroes of Destiny Book I: The Eternal War
Heroes of Destiny Book I: The Eternal War

by Kevin Wong

Eternium is doomed. When the Gods beckon them to save it from the Demons, the Heroes of Destiny must answer the call!

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