I have been a fan of Science Fiction since i was very young. I first turned my hand to writing in 2000, since then I have been working on my writing style with poetry, short stories. My first book Joannas Dawn, was a development of a short story.

The story itself began as three short stories

If you are interested in reading more, or are an agent or publisher my email is:

Favourite books

  • Foundation
  • Foundation & Empire
  • Ring World
  • Wasp
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My bookshelf Books I'm backing

89 Not unto Death but unto Life
Not unto Death but unto Life

by Andrey Yagin

Pastor Alexey Zimin and his Ministry in an ex-Soviet town are the target of terrorist attacks. Who is behind this evil?

Joanna's Dawn
Joanna's Dawn

by Jonathan O'Donnell

Joanna's Dawn a Science Fiction Murder Mystery - Graphic, exciting with mild violence and some mild sexual scenes

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