Lady Nyo

I live in the South, USA).

I have 5 books published, this last one "The Nightingale's Song" to be published in Australia in 2014.

I write about different cultures: Berber, Turkish, Celtic, French, Japanese and Hungarian.

I am a bellydancer and draw from my experience in some of my writing.

Most recently, I have finished "A Kapitany", a slightly bdsm novel 5 years in the writing. I have posted this novel on up until Chapter 12. It runs to 40 chapters.
It is finally finished and am rewriting some of the chapters.

My professional writing website is:

Jane Kohut-Bartels/ Lady Nyo

Favourite books

  • "A Seasoning of Lust"
  • "The Zar Tales"
  • "White Cranes of Heaven"
  • "Pitcher of Moon"
  • "The Nightingale's Song" to be published in 2014
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