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Hi to the old crowd - and to the new :) Been offline for...months, it seems. Edits can do that to a writer. Back, albeit briefly. I'll try to contact anyone who took the time to email/message me in the last two or three (or four) months.

'Brogan's Crossing' is still active, and I may resubmit the vastly edited version here in time (thanks guys and gals for all your help) . And I'm working on getting my contemp fiction novel 'Rohallion Dawn' up to scratch, since it only made the shortlist of the Dundee International. (Sounds a bit incongruous that...Dundee...International... :-) but it's a great comp for those interested in entering).

Best of luck with your projects. I'll be back when time allows.

Favourite books

  • The Rebus series (Ian Rankin)
  • All by Christopher Brookmyre
  • Grumble Bluff (Karen Bessey Pease)
  • Black House (King&Straub)
  • All by Tim Winton
  • Name a Peter Watt novel...go on!
  • A Feast of Small Surprises (C.Van Houten)
  • The Eggless Club (Eugene Saint)
  • Many more.
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