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ARK is on a journey, winging around in search of interest from publishers and agents. For the moment I have made it private.
I have to thank so many people for helping me complete my first novel, without the Authonomites who have freely offered advice, support and encouraging comments, I would have struggled to be objective about my writing. Even those who took a hatchet to it in the early days, you forced me to shape it up!

Particularly fond and very sincere thanks to Gerry, who not only helped me edit but has become a firm and lifelong friend.

To all those that befriended me and backed me, a HUGE “Thank you”, and special thanks to Zan, Mary and Margaret on the poetry thread. How I have loved the banter.

I shall log back in periodically, but not regularly, and may well be tempted to do some reading, but please don’t be ask for a read, I cannot guarantee anything.

To anyone who has just uploaded work, good luck, listen to what is being said, it is usually both honest and constructive.

Favourite books

  • Any Umberto Echo. All Joyce.
  • Bernard Schlink.Homecoming
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Angels game & Shadow
  • Perfume.Partick Suskind has to be one of my all time best reads
  • Am on a mission to re read or read for the first time such classics as: Dante`s divine comedy, Milton Pardise Lost Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo , have given up Poe!
  • Into Hardy/Austen/Bronte/ Shakespeare and many classical poets.
  • Am also reading Pullman and Potter for reference purposes.
  • Have an appitite for wide generic base of material.
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