Amy Boaz is the author of two novels: A Richer Dust (Permanent Press, 2008), nominated for a literature prize by the American Academy of Arts and Letters and winner of a Washington Irving Award; and Beat (2009), "a satisfyingly subtle and rich" work "rooted in literary history," as noted in a starred Kirkus review.

Amy Boaz's writing is described as "dazzling, smart, and dynamic" by the Herald de Paris. Her short fiction has appeared in the Virgin Fiction collection, sponsored by (Wm. Morrow). She lives in New York and also works as a book reviewer.

In her exciting new novel, A Knock on the Door, Amy Boaz delves into her Midwestern youth: an 11-year-old Ohio girl named Wanda is searching for her father disappeared in the Iraq War. Part One of A Knock on the Door is posted here.

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  • Jane Eyre
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