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Favourite books

  • Perdido Street Station- China Mieville
  • The Gods Themselves- Isaac Asimov
  • War and Peace- Leo Tolstoy
  • Watchmen and V for Vendetta- Alan Moore
  • Anything by Michael Crichton
  • Amazing Spider-Man #248 "The Boy Who Collects Spider-Man" - Roger Stern
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My bookshelf Books I'm backing

67 Falling Upwards (Alien Extraction Book 1)
Falling Upwards (Alien Extraction Book 1)

by Fiona Haven

Who is she? Who can she trust? In 24th century Australia, a girl with flying ability searches for her missing father and uncovers a dangerous secret.

Soul Fire
Soul Fire

by Paul Savill

A prince, a sword of legend, and a mysterious power he doesn’t understand. Only he can stop the shadows, or the world will be unmade.

The Secret Legend
The Secret Legend

by Lyle Ven

It’s not like Luke Disor wants to run away from home, but when you have scientists for parents the idea of escaping to a fantasy world seems like a pretty good thing – until it actually happens.

The Coven
The Coven

by Lee Bragan

Former detective Joe Robinson's six year old daughter has been kidnapped by a coven of witches intent on sacrificing her on the next full moon.

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    Neville wrote 1 year ago

    Hi there, friend. When you get down to it, we are all tarred with the same brush…always complaining…never satisfied with our own lot, dwelling on the misfortunes of today. Unwelcome dreams come on occasions, making for a troubled night’s sleep—leaving you in a cold sweat. They are there however, for a reason. The mind is telling you in its subconscious way that all is not lost…things could be a lot worse…Like being inside prison for instance. Most of us will ...
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